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Moon Man

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Moon Man
(Der Mondmann, 2012, France, Germany, Ireland)
If only Moon Man knew just how much children loved him! But he’s not even remotely aware, he’s just sitting on the moon, bored stiff, in his lonely silver sphere… One night, a shooting star appears, whizzing through outer space towards the moon. Moon Man grabs the speeding comet by the tail and hitches a ride to earth! This ‘attack from outer space’ sets the alarm bells in the Presidential Headquarters. The President is absolutely furious. He has just conquered the last speck of earth, defeated all his enemies… And now his dominion is being attacked by aliens from another planet! The only traces they find of the intruder are silvery footprints near the edge of the crater’s impact. While escaping the President and his soldiers, Moon Man will set off on a long journey, where he will marvel at the many wonders the earth has to offer and realize how much children love and need him.