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Cycling with Molière

Locandina del film Cycling with Molière
Cycling with Molière
(Cycling with Molière, 2013, France)
Once-great actor Serge Tanneur (Fabrice Luchini) spends his days alone, painting second-rate portraits and cycling through the windblown landscape of France’s Île de Ré. One day his old friend Gauthier (Lambert Wilson), a famous TV star, arrives unexpectedly to coax him into a return to the stage, promising him a role in Molière’s classic play, The Misanthrope. At first Serge dismisses the idea but slowly, as the pair’s relationship begins to echo the play itself, he finds himself being inextricably drawn in…A witty and intelligent buddy comedy that has drawn parallels with The Trip, Cycling with Molière is a beautifully performed and darkly funny dissection of the life and work of actors.