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American Interior

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American Interior
(American Interior, 2014, United Kingdom)
  • Regia: Dylan Goch
  • Con: Gruff Rhys
  • Genere: Documentario, Musicale
  • Durata: 92'
  • Data di uscita: 09-05-2012
Welsh cult musician Gruff Rhys documents his latest musical road trip, retracing the fantastical American journey of his 18th Century relative, the explorer John Evans. American Interior is an investigative concert tour. Fiction, fact, fantasy, myth and music documentary collide as Rhys flies like an eagle and howls like a wolf while following in the footsteps of his (extremely) Great uncle. Starting at Yale University’s Beinecke Library where Evans’s famous map is said to reside, Rhys fully immerses himself in concerts, recording sessions, and conversations with journalists, academics, psychologists, and locals on Evans’s route. From Baltimore to St. Louis, up to the Mandan Reservation Casino and down the Mississippi basin to the Old Governor’s house in New Orleans, Rhys investigates Evans’s significance in American history, the true circumstances of his death, and the lost location of his final resting place. American Interior the film, is one part of a pioneering multi-platform project with a global reach set to hit UK screens on 9 May 2014.