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All Stars

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All Stars
(All Stars, 2013, United Kingdom)

Ethan (Theo Stevenson) and Jaden (Akai) have a plan - recruit a crew, stage a talent show, raise lots of money and save The Garage (their youth club) from demolition. The trouble is Ethan can't dance, Jaden's parents have banned him from dancing and the other members of their new crew the 'All Stars' turn out to be totally uncoordinated. With the demolition men moving in, Ethan and Jaden have to race against the clock to bring everybody together and attempt to pull off the biggest achievement of their lives...proving that if adults are allowed to make all the decisions, we'd have one messed up world! ALL STARS is a funny, heart-warming, spectacular 3D roller coaster ride thorough East London and the crazy world of kids' imaginations. Full of amazing dance sequences and big laughs, it's an inspiring film about getting motivated to get out there and do stuff.